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Sibu Central Market

Sibu’s Central Market was built in 1996 on Jln Channel opposite the Express Boat Passenger Terminal, and is the largest and most interesting market in Sarawak.

By combining the former wet market and the native Lembangan market in clean and hygienic new surroundings, the area contains a wide range of stalls offering all kinds vegetables, fruites, meat, general merchandise as well as food and drinks.

Highlights are the Iban ladies selling exotic fruits, jungle produce and handicrafts, and the Chinese poultry sellers who offer their live chickens and ducks neatly wrapped up in tubes fashioned from old newspapers.

The market can be leisurely covered on foot once you have arrived in Sibu town.

Contact numbers:

  • Tel: +6084 333411
  • Hotline: +6084 310808
  • Fax: +6084 320240
  • email:

Travel Tips:
Open daily from 0600 – 2300


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