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Kingwood Resort Mukah

Kingwood Resort Mukah

Kingwood Resort Mukah
Lot 96 Block 17 Mukah Land District,
96400 Mukah, Sarawak Malaysia
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“The Kingwood Resort Mukah is one of the new resorts in the Sarawak region of Malaysia having been built a couple of years ago. Not to be mistaken with Mukah Hotel, the resort is perfect for a weekend retreat to relax and enjoy the beach, the hot tubs or outdoor pool on offer. The hotel has 99-rooms with the best views of the horizon while the palm trees that greet you at the entrance and the cold sea breeze create a nice and relaxing environment.

Kingwood Resort Mukah 7All rooms have free Wi-Fi and facilities for the disabled. From the hotel, you can access popular destinations like the Melanau cultural heritage, and the Lamin Diana mini-museum.

Tourists can also visit the Mukah town and enjoy its scenic destinations like the Kenyana Lake, Taman Tanjung Pedada and the Setia Raja Recreational Park.

Positive reviews have awarded this resort a 3.5 rating on”

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